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Depot 403 Pre-Shave & Softening Beard Oil Sweet almond 30ml

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Beard conditioning oil – before shaving.

A multi-purpose product, consisting of a blend of high quality vegetable oils. It can be used before shaving to soften the skin and the beard, facilitating its shaping. It can also be used as a nourishing oil for the beard offering softness and shine without greasiness. In addition, it neutralizes the odors of sweat and food. It is quickly absorbed and helps to condition the hair thanks to its reconstructive action.

Instructions for use: 

Apply a few drops to the face before shaving to moisturize, soften the hair and avoid irritation. Follow up with the shaving product of your choice. To condition your beard, apply a few drops to hands, massage into beard and mustache for nourishment, added control and shine.

Sweet almond scent

Packaging: 30ml