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Depot 804 Multi – Action Eye Contour 20ml

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Cream-serum for the eye area

Created to soften and eliminate dark circles and signs of fatigue around the eyes while slowing down the process

aging, for a younger and brighter look. The eye area is the area of ​​the face where the skin is thinnest, and it is

the first to show signs of fatigue, dehydration and wrinkles.


Plankton extract: fights the reduction of collagen and elastin production and the signs of fatigue around the eyes, giving a more

bright, flexible and smooth appearance.

Caffeine: stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, fighting the water retention that creates bags in the tissue of the eye socket.

Active ingredient derived from Baobab: developed specifically for men's skin, it helps improve elasticity and skin tone, giving the skin a fresh and youthful appearance.

Grape leaf extract: plant extract, neutralizes oxidative stress and contributes to smoother and softer skin.