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Sun Hydrating Hair Mask

KAYPRO Kay Sun Hydrating Hair Mask 500ml

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KAYPRO moisturizing mask, suitable for all hair types. It enriches dehydrated hair, as it restores moisture levels inside the hair.

Method of application:
- Before the mask, it is necessary to wash thoroughly. When the hair is clean the product can penetrate to the last layer of the hair. Of course, it is preferable to wash with lukewarm to warm water, as this opens the hair pores completely and the mask is 100% absorbed.
- Dry your hair to remove excess water.
- Take an amount of about two walnuts and apply to damp hair. It is preferable to apply from the middle to the ends of the hair and do a light massage so that the product is well absorbed.
- Leave the mask as long as you can to act on the entire length of your hair. An ideal time is 5 minutes. Extra tip: For even greater and proper hair hydration, wrap your hair with a warm towel. All masks, especially moisturizing ones, work better in a warm environment.
- Rinse well. It is recommended to rinse with lukewarm to cold water to close the scales of the hair and "lock" all the nutrients. However, there are also creams that you can leave on your hair without rinsing.

Hair Type: All Types
Action: Moisturizing