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Layrite Super Hold Hair Pomade 120 gr

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Layrite Super Hold Pomade is a versatile water-based styling product designed for men with thick, curly, and coarse hair. With its strong hold and natural, medium shine, it's an excellent alternative to Layrite Original Pomade, containing beeswax for a more robust grip.

Layrite Super Hold Pomade provides increased grip and control for unruly hair, without leaving any white flakes behind. It's ideal for classic hairstyles like slick-backs, side-parts, and pompadours. Plus, it's free of sulphates and parabens.

Key benefits of Layrite Super Hold Pomade:

Ideal for difficult hair types.
Water-based, making it easy to rinse out.
Great for classic hairstyles, such as slick-backs and side-parts.
Key ingredients of Layrite Super Hold Pomade:

Beeswax: provides a strong hold and adds hydration.
Coconut oil: adds shine and reduces frizz.
Castor oil: helps to retain moisture for smooth, healthy-looking hair.
How to use Layrite Super Hold Pomade:
Rub a small amount of Layrite Super Hold Pomade between your hands and apply it to either damp or dry hair. Style your hair using your hands or a comb, depending on the level of hold and tightness desired. For maximum hold, apply to dry hair, and for a bit more shine, apply to damp hair. If you need to restyle throughout the day, simply dampen your hair and restyle as desired.