MURAN  Energizing Hair Loss Shampoo Energy 02 - 1000ml

MURAN Energizing Hair Loss Shampoo Energy 02 - 1000ml

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Revitalising, conditioning and volumizing shampoo. Rich of Nori and Dulse seaweeds of highly purifying properties. It contains Sage, Juniper berries and Sweet Orange essential oils of stimulating properties and Serenoa oil, an excellent inhibitor of degenerative processes responsible for hair loss.

Energy is a treatment rich in essential oils with vasodilating and anti-oxidizing effects that boost blood micro-circulation. The precious presence of Saw Palmetto Serenoa oil stimulates the hair bulb and boosts the hair vitalisation process. The beneficial characteristics of Serenoa visibly hinder hair loss by providing adequate oxygen supply and balanced tissue nourishment.

How to Use: Apply the shampoo, rub in and let it set for a few minutes. Rinse and apply energy 04 energizing essence for an intensive treatment or energy 06 energizing lotion for a maintenance treatment to towel-dried hair. The use of Energy 01 Mud is recommended before treatment.