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Selective  Color Block Shampoo

SELECTIVE On Care Color Block Shampoo 275ml

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Shampoo that cleanses and moisturizes the hair. It stabilizes the cosmetic color and prevents fading

maintaining color vibrancy over time. Leaves hair more manageable, vital and shiny.

Active ingredients:

VIBRARICHE: a patented complex that gives brightness and makes the color last longer, being more vibrant in the long term.
The quaternary ammonium compound leaves hair soft, nourished and easy to detangle, improving color saturation.
TSUBAKI OIL: Japanese camellia oil is silky, soft and velvety, not greasy. An elixir for its extremely antioxidant action, which provides protection, brightness and immediate care. A youth concentrate.

WILD BERRY EXTRACTS: they are excellent antioxidants, act as organic catalysts and are rich in bioregenerative active ingredients. They give softness and brightness to the hair.

Directions for use: Apply to wet scalp. Massage gently and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Packaging: 275ml