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Selective  Refill Shampoo

SELECTIVE On Care Refill Shampoo 275ml

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Ideal for thin or thinning hair that needs replenishment.
It strengthens, elasticizes and thickens the hair fibers, leaving them healthy,
full of body and easy to comb. It doesn't weigh.

Active ingredients:

FLAX : provide elasticity thanks to Omega 3 fatty acids, which hydrate and strengthen the hair,
operating the stem and thus prevent their breakage. It is not only a natural beauty ingredient,
they strengthen the hair and make it more shiny and elastic.
BANANA & RICE VEGETABLE KERATIN: an infusion of vegetable keratins that give new strength and structure to low body hair,
thanks to their physical properties. Rich in nutrients, they replenish the hair structure,
improving elasticity and helping to repair brittle hair.

Packaging: 275ml


Instructions for use:
Apply to wet scalp. Massage gently and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

ON CARE REFILL the volume enhancer for thin and damaged hair.

Replenishing and revitalizing thin, damaged and hopelessly dull hair.

Chemical stress, thermal shock and daily routine weaken the hair. With the specific action of ONCARE Refill, enriched with linseed, hemp seeds and rice proteins, the natural balance will be restored and the hair structure will gain new life.


Deeply moisturizes and tones damaged hair, replenishing it from within.
It reconstructs and strengthens, offering a unique texture.