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Depot 801 Daily Skin Cleanser 200ml

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Cleansing gel with activated charcoal triple action: cleans, detoxifies and regulates oily skin.

It cleanses the skin, freeing it from unwanted impurities while at the same time respecting and protecting it since activated carbon, sensitive surfactants of natural origin and a patented blend of moisturizing agents with a moisture-regulating action.

Mixture of active Ingredients

A balanced cleansing system: a special blend of surfactants, which when in contact with the skin removes unwanted impurities, giving an immediate feeling of comfort and softness.

Carbon powder: makes the product easily and quickly absorbed and gives a matte effect.
Active ingredient derived from Baobab: specially designed for men's skin, it helps improve skin elasticity and tone, giving the skin a fresh and youthful appearance.
Grape Leaf Extract: a plant extract that neutralizes oxidative stress and helps create smoother, softer skin.

Oat and pomegranate extract: protects and regulates the skin.

Distilled thyme water: Rejuvenates and cares for the skin.

Distilled tea leaf water: invigorates and gives fragrance.

Packaging: 200ml

Instructions for use: Apply a small amount of product to your hands and massage the face and neck in circular motions,
avoiding the eye area. Rinse well.