Layrite Grooming Hair Spray 200 ml

Layrite Grooming Hair Spray 200 ml

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Layrite Grooming Spray is a versatile barber spray that offers both pre-styling and finishing benefits. This spray can be applied to towel-dried hair before styling to add volume and texture, or used as a finishing spray to prolong the hold of your hairstyle.

Layrite Grooming Spray provides a flexible hold that doesn't leave your hair feeling stiff or crunchy. It's perfect for adding body and texture to your hair without weighing it down. Plus, the formula is free of sulphates and parabens, making it safe for daily use.

Key benefits of Layrite Grooming Spray:

Adds volume and texture as a pre-styler.
Prolongs the hold of your hairstyle as a finishing spray.
Provides a flexible hold without making hair stiff or crunchy.
Key ingredients of Layrite Grooming Spray:

Glycerin: a natural humectant that helps to lock in moisture and prevent frizz.
PVP: a styling agent that provides hold and control.
Panthenol: a form of vitamin B5 that helps to improve the health and appearance of hair.
How to use Layrite Grooming Spray:
To use as a pre-styler, spray a small amount of Layrite Grooming Spray onto towel-dried hair and blow-dry as desired. For use as a finishing spray, simply style your hair as usual and spray lightly onto finished style for added hold.