SELECTIVE Curl Lover Conditioner 275ml

SELECTIVE Curl Lover Conditioner 275ml

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Curl Lover Conditioner nourishes, highlights and tames curly hair without weighing it down, making it soft,

lightweight, elastic with volume.

The unique extract of the Curllover line of flax and chia seeds enhances the effectiveness of the composition, moisturizes without being heavy,

gives an immediate shiny effect and leaves the hair easy to comb, for elastic and soft curls.

Packaging: 275ml

How to use: Apply to washed hair, leave the product on for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Complete the treatment with Curl Lover Eco Mousse, for better curl shaping.

Curl Lover by Selective Professional:

It intensively nourishes the hair fibers making the curl soft and shiny.

It reduces frizz and gives every type of curl, enhancing its natural shape.

Active ingredients:

Linseed: regenerates frizzy, dry, damaged and dull curly hair giving it silky smoothness and shine.
Chia seeds: protect against dehydration and maintain natural hydration
Multifunctional agents: with conditioner properties, for protection and extra volume
Flexible polymers: deliver energy, hold and long-lasting volume.