SELECTIVE No Yellow Spray 150ml

SELECTIVE No Yellow Spray 150ml

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Selective Professional No Yellow Spray 150ml

Leave-in spray for blonde hair. Neutralizes unwanted yellow and orange tones and enhances cool blondes. It keeps the hair moisturized and elastic and improves the texture of blonde hair.

Active Ingredients
• panthenol : multi-action vitamin with moisturizing, softening and healing properties
• pigments for neutralization : blue and purple pigments, neutralize yellow and orange tones and enhance blondes by improving the texture of blonde hair
• violet, lavender and lily extract : give body in the hair, deeply moisturize and make the hair silky.
• protein complex: protect and strengthen the hair , give the hair elasticity and shine
• vitamin E: protects the hair and scalp from dryness and excessive heat, strengthens the hair shaft and makes brushing easier.

Directions for use
Shake well before use. Spray on clean, well-tamponed hair or on dry hair from a distance of about 20cm. Comb lengthwise and spread the product well throughout the hair. Dry and continue with styling.

Packaging: 150ml