SELECTIVE On Care Daily Hydration Leave In 275ml

SELECTIVE On Care Daily Hydration Leave In 275ml

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Spray without rinsing for an immediate moisturizing effect.

Does not weigh hair down, detangles leaving extremely soft, silky and shiny hair.

Active ingredients:

Pequi Oil: has a high concentration of provitamin A and is naturally rich in oleic and palmitic fatty acids. It gives elasticity, reduces frizz and adds shine to the lengths. A light oil, rich in antioxidants, that prevents the signs of premature aging.

Avocado Oil : is a natural oil, rich in nutrients and carotenoids. Its fast penetrating power makes it highly nourishing and capable of moisturizing the scalp and hair shaft when it is particularly dry. Improves moisture levels, hair growth and shine.

Jojoba oil: it is rich in nourishing and protective properties for the hair. Its special molecular structure, similar to the sebum naturally secreted by the scalp, contributes to the excellent nutrition, hydration and softness of the hair.

Packaging: 275ml

Directions for use : Shake well before use and spray evenly on wet or dry hair. Comb to favor its distribution and proceed with styling without rinsing.


An extremely moisturizing range, ideal to deeply nourish, strengthen the hair structure and ensure soft and shiny hair.

The iconic formula includes Pequi, Jojoba and Avocado, three light and natural oils that relieve your hair of dryness, thinning and weakness. Recommended for frequent use, this hydration ritual does not change the characteristics of the scalp.