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Selective Purifying Shampoo

SELECTIVE On Care Scalp Purifying Shampoo 200ml

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Special for scalps suffering from oily and dry dandruff.


It balances cell renewal and restores the natural microbial balance, relieving itching.
It cleans specifically, effectively removing dandruff and dealing with the microbial attack.
Leaves light, shiny hair with a pleasant, fresh result on the scalp.
Active ingredients:
PIROCTONE OLAMINE : antibacterial, antifungal and sebum-regulating active ingredient
NETTLE EXTRACT: is rich in trace elements, essential amino acids and minerals that have specific hemostatic and cleansing properties.
Sulfur, zinc, copper, as well as vitamin A, C and B2 help to regain the tone and natural beauty of the scalp.
ROSEMARY EXTRACT: has rejuvenating, stimulating and antiseptic properties, thanks to caffeic acid and apigenin.
Rich in antioxidant properties, it has an antifungal effect, treats inflammation and protects the natural well-being of the scalp.

Instructions for use:
Distribute on wet scalp. Massage well and leave on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. \
Continue with appropriate treatment.

Packaging: 200ml