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Selective Rebalancing Treatment

SELECTIVE Scalp Rebalancing Treatment 100ml

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Leave-in spray treatment suitable for scalps suffering
from excessive sebum production.

It soothes, protects and normalizes the scalp that is irritated or affected by lesions.
It provides an immediate soothing effect and neutralizes excessive sebum production, expanding
feeling clean and balancing the scalp.

Active ingredients:
TIOSILINA® COMPLEX 30: is an active ingredient consisting of a combination of sulfated amino acids with sebum normalizing properties.
WILD BERRY EXTRACT: a superfood rich in vitamins A and C, which are powerful antioxidants, counteract the aging of the scalp
of the head and favor its restoration. They act as significant anti-inflammatory and soothe the scalp when it is irritated.
PARROT JUICE: removes any impurities and restores the natural shine and softness of the hair structure, thanks to its nutrients
and in the abundance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Papaya contains potassium and folates, which fight oxidative stress and free radicals,
avoiding dehydration of the scalp.

Instructions for use:
Shake before use. Apply evenly to clean and dry scalp.
Massage gently and proceed to drying, without rinsing. Can be used on dry scalp,
throughout the day, to reactivate the sebum-regulating action.
Packaging: 100ml